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Clarification issued by Carlow County Council on vehicles driving into St Mary’s Cemetery

It seems while they're generally discouraged from coming in, there is no ban on them

If you’re visiting a grave in Carlow and need to drive onto the grounds you can.

Concern had been raised in recent times by those who believed that vehicles couldn’t be driven in through the gates of resting places, in particular at St Mary’s Cemetery.

It’d been suggested at a recent strategic policy committee meeting that the situation be clarified and that clarification came at last evening’s meeting of the Carlow Municipal District.

Chair of the local authority Fintan Phelan told KCLR News of the update, “I asked that vehicles would be allowed into St Mary’s Cemetery, now the bye-laws have been updated, in our draft bye-laws that were presented at the municipal district yesterday, and it’s confirmed that people can still continue to bring their car into St Mary’s Cemetery”.

He adds “People that would be driving their car in, they would be for good reason, the maybe elderly, they may not be able to walk a long distance, for people that aren’t able to walk, and I think it’s essential that people are able to bring their car in to go and visit their loved one, that was made clear yesterday and the bye-laws have now been updated, the draft bye-laws, to say that while cars are generally discouraged from coming in there is no prohibition on cars going into the cemetery”.