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Concerns along Carlow-Wicklow border over lithium mining plans

Those living around Moylisha Hill say they don’t want the area become a zone for industrialisation.

A licence to prospect for lithium was granted in 2009 with a third renewal now being sought by the companies.

But residents from the picturesque area on the Carlow – Wickloow border are concerned that a mine will be opened soon.

Anthony McNulty of the Protect Moylisha Hill group says that’s not something they want:

“It would just become an ecological disaster. We would end up having wildlife displaced”.

And he said it’s already putting people off buying a home in the area:

“Already adjacent to me here there’s a house for sale. There was people looking at it and they met me the other day when I was walking on the road and they asked me about the area and of course I had to tell them about the prospecting. And the minute they heard that they went oh-oh not for us”