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Coronavirus: Sick pay rates to increase to just over €300 a week, paid from day one of leave

If you're told to self-isolate and need to claim illness benefit, there won't be

Workers who have to self isolate will be able to claim sick pay from the first day.

The need to wait six days has been waived. New measures and additional funding for the HSE, social welfare and businesses impacted by coronavirus were announced earlier today.

Tanaiste Simon Coveney says sick pay rates are also increasing.

“We are going to increase that payment from what it is at the moment, which is €203 per week to €305 per week”, said Coveney earlier on Monday.

“In other words, today, if you were to self-isolate and to leave work for two weeks you wouldn’t get any payment for the first week and you would get €203 for the second week. You will now get €610 for those two weeks which is about 40% of the average industrial wage.”

The increase in benefit is for a maximum period of two weeks – the suggested 14 day self-isolation period – once medically certified, or the duration of a worker’s absence due to diagnosis, again, once medically certified.

Benefits are extended to self-employed workers also.

The government will talk to employers about increasing their contribution in a bid to ensure workers can still earn up to 80% of their income.