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Councillor outlines frustration over people dumping recyclables at already full bottle-banks

While Kilkenny’s basking in the glow of a positive IBAL litter league placement, one Councillor’s not too impressed by those leaving recyclable items overflowing at local pick-up points.

Seán Tyrrell says while it’s great that people are remembering to recycle, he’s annoyed by the excess left at already-full facilities such as the bottle bank at Newpark Shopping Centre.

Speaking on KCLR’s the Way it is, the Sinn Féin Councillor described it as a ‘catch 22 situation’ where it’s great on one hand to see people recycling but frustrating that some are just dumping items at the bottle banks when they are full.

The issue is one of the small number of negatives that has been persistently highlighted in the IBAL reports into Kilkenny.