Covid-19 latest: 469 new cases confirmed

HSE CEO Paul Reid says it may be another week before we know how security was breached by hackers

469 new cases of Covid-19 have been announced by NHET this evening.

As has been the case all week there no figures available on Covid-related deaths or local case numbers due to the ransomware attack on the HSE’s computer systems.

Meanwhile, the Head of the HSE says it’s not unexpected that the hackers would threaten to publish sensitive patient data.

The government says no direct request for a ransom has been made despite a report that the criminals threatened to publish the data on Monday if they don’t get 20 million dollars.

The HSE says it can’t confirm the threat as it has no direct engagement with the hackers.

It still hasn’t been identified how they gained access to the health services network and CEO Paul Reid says the process may take another week.