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Deputy Phelan says Level 3 should be given a chance in Carlow Kilkenny

The Fine Gael TD says current restrictions should be properly enforced before going to Level 5

A local TD is urging the government to fully enforce the current Covid restrictions before introducing new ones.

It comes as government leaders are meeting this afternoon to consider moving the country to Level 5, following a recommendation from NPHET.

Such a move could see people being asked to stay within 5km of their home, while only essential retailers would stay open.

However Fine Gael’s John Paul Phelan says powers need to first be introduced to deter those who are flouting Level 3 restrictions.

He says the current level needs to be given a fair chance before Carlow and Kilkenny are upgraded to Level 5:

“What I would like to see happen first is actually some of the rules surrounding Level 3 having sanctions imposed with them, in other words that if people are breaking the Level 3 guidelines, that there is the facility for fining those people on the spot for not wearing a mask, or some of the other measures included. What happens if we go to Level 5 now, and the figures don’t reduce? We don’t have a Level 6. I think we should try to exhaust everything we can do before the lockdown option takes place.”