Distant Noises

Distant Noises: 30 April 2015

Here’s a look at the playlist for Distant Noises for Thursday 30 April 2015 including music from Spain, Brazil, Morocco and Ghana.

Artist Track Album
Sonido Vegetal Tempos de Volar Las Bases del Razanamiento
Vitor Ramil & Marcos Suzano A Zero Por Hora An Introduction to Vitor Ramil and Marcos Suzano
Aziz Sahmaoui Inch Allah University of Gnawa
ET Mensah & The Tempos Muntum The King of Highlife: Anthology
Amadou and Mariam Ste Don Ye The Best of Mali
Neuza Flor Di Billa Djar Fago
Bibi Manaka Kaur Waheguru Bandhanaa
Julie B Bonne Bonjour Monsieur Rough Guide to Parisian Lounge
Afrocubism La Culabera Afrocubism
Juan Gomez Chicuelo Cartagenera Jara en el Camino
Huun Huur Tu Eki Attar Ancestors Call
Super Mamo Djombo Dissan na m’bera Golden Afrique
Sylvia Bognar & Agnes Herczku Smogyindia World Music from Hungary
The Disco Monsters of Berlin Trudy the Monster Cranes and Carpets

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