Beside the Nore

‘Beside the Nore’ is a four part documentary series that explores the unique aspects, flora & fauna, recreational activities and future plans for the River Nore that flows through Kilkenny City

  • Program 2 – Unique Aspects of the River Nore

    In this program we explore some of the unique features of the river; features that make it special.We discuss the building of the canal, that was never finished, with Pat Boyd, local historian and nature enthusiast, who has a deep interest in the river …

  • Program 1 – History & Geology of the River Nore

    In this program we explore the history of settlement along the river and focus in particular on the monks who brought their expertise in building mill streams and mills to the city of Kilkenny. Their activity brought economic wealth that enabled the po …

  • Program 3 – Recreation and Flora & Fauna on the River Nore

    In this program we focus on the River Nore as a recreation amenity and go fishing with the Kilkenny Anglers Association and join the Kilkenny Aqua Canoe Club canoeing down the river and talk about the walks along the river with Harry Everard, Rural Rec …

  • Program 4 – Twists & Turns of the River Nore

    This programme looks at the twists and turns of the river and features river controversies like the faulty fish pass of 2005, the construction of St Francis Bridge and the installation of the flood relief scheme in Kilkenny city. The programme goes on …


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