Be Not Afraid Episode 1: John Whelan

In a poignant interview, John Whelan reveals the first time he met his sister, Sharon Whelan, when she was adopted from St Joseph’s Industrial School. Sharon was brutally raped and strangled by postman Brian Hennessy at the family’s rented farmhouse in Roscon, Windgap, Co Kilkenny in the early hours of Christmas morning 2008. He later set the house on fire killing her two little children Zsara (7) and Nadia (2) who were asleep in their beds.

John says: “In life we all have choices to make, he had a choice to make that night and he chose to strangle Sharon and he chose to light those fires knowing well the two girls were there. To look into the mentality of someone who’d do that, it’s very dark, it’s very sinister.”