Programme 5 – Research & Development

When the campaign ended, the seasonal staff were let go.  This perturbed General Costello who was CEO at the time and so under the Marshall plan he recruited Austin Armor to develop a special harvester to pull the beet from the ground.  Thus began the Armor Salmon machinery division.  General Costello also identified the importance of lime in the process and bought quarries in the area, and set up Erin Foods.  When no soil sampling was being done, the sugar company introduced it and they were also involved in the development of the beet seed.  It was a hot bed of innovation and research which the 5th programme in the series ‘Oh Sugar Sugar’ explores.

Made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the television license fee and sponsored by the Sugar Factory Display at Carlow County Museum and the local studies section at Carlow’s Central Library

Photo Programme 5 credit PL Curran



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