What Has Europe Ever Done for Communities?

In Part 2 of our series “What has Europe ever done for Us?” we focus on Communities. ‘What Has Europe Ever Done for Communities?’ – quite a lot it would appear. Susan Clarke meets PL Curran, Head of Development in St Laurence O’Toole’s Athletics Club in Carlow town who explains that EU grant money went towards installing floodlights and buying new equipment at the gym. While over in Myshall, Bridget Fox lists all the activities that take place at their Community Centre, which has over the years benefited from EU grants. Finally, Sue Nunn chats with Peadar Casey, Enterprise Development Manager at IT Carlow, and explores with him how EU funding is allowing entrepreneurs to remain living and working within their communities while building their businesses globally. Dean Klatt of Seed Golf is one such recipient and he outlines the benefits of the New Frontiers Programme. Funded by the Communicating Europe Initiative