Women’s Bits

Women’s Bits is a 51 part series which features women from Carlow and Kilkenny sharing experiences and memories and a song.

  • Sabrina Reddy

    The story of a premature baby, a sick husband and how Sabrina Reddy, as mother and wife experienced this time in her life https://soundcloud.com/kclr96fm/womens-bits-sabrina-reddy

  • Claire Dunne

    Photographer Claire Dunne recalls her time as a college student when she enjoyed going to see bands and taking photos of band members and recalls a photo shoot with Glen Hansard! https://soundcloud.com/kclr96fm/womens-bits-claire-dunne

  • Mary Collier

    Mary Collier from Carlow beautifully describes the important memories she associates with the fabric of her life https://soundcloud.com/kclr96fm/womens-bits-mary-collier

  • Angela Keogh

    In this beautiful story from the series ‘Women’s Bits’, Angela Keogh recalls painting a room in her granny’s house while reflecting on changes that she has experienced in her life https://soundcloud.com/kclr96fm/womens-bits-angela-keogh

  • Pauline Connick

    In this piece, Pauline Connick describes her journey through breast cancer treatment. https://soundcloud.com/kclr96fm/womens-bits-pauline-connick

  • Women’s Bits – Martina Holden

    In this piece Martina Holden shares her experience of brushing up on her job skills through the Carlow Catalyst Programme and how it has boosted her confidence

  • Maureen Kelly

    Maureen Kelly originally from Mullagh in Co Clare shares her experiences of growing up in a small village and gives a brief insight into boarding school life.