Women’s Bits

Women’s Bits is a 51 part series which features women from Carlow and Kilkenny sharing experiences and memories and a song.

  • Sabrina Reddy

    The story of a premature baby, a sick husband and how Sabrina Reddy, as mother and wife experienced this time in her life https://soundcloud.com/kclr96fm/womens-bits-sabrina-reddy

  • Claire Dunne

    Photographer Claire Dunne recalls her time as a college student when she enjoyed going to see bands and taking photos of band members and recalls a photo shoot with Glen Hansard! https://soundcloud.com/kclr96fm/womens-bits-claire-dunne

  • Mary Collier

    Mary Collier from Carlow beautifully describes the important memories she associates with the fabric of her life https://soundcloud.com/kclr96fm/womens-bits-mary-collier

  • Angela Keogh

    In this beautiful story from the series ‘Women’s Bits’, Angela Keogh recalls painting a room in her granny’s house while reflecting on changes that she has experienced in her life https://soundcloud.com/kclr96fm/womens-bits-angela-keogh

  • Pauline Connick

    In this piece, Pauline Connick describes her journey through breast cancer treatment. https://soundcloud.com/kclr96fm/womens-bits-pauline-connick

  • Women’s Bits – Martina Holden

    In this piece Martina Holden shares her experience of brushing up on her job skills through the Carlow Catalyst Programme and how it has boosted her confidence

  • Maureen Kelly

    Maureen Kelly originally from Mullagh in Co Clare shares her experiences of growing up in a small village and gives a brief insight into boarding school life.

  • Cathy Hogan

    David Bowie and his album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, spoke volumes to Cathy Hogan as a young one growing up in a big family

  • Ann Shannon

    Helping others helped Carlow woman Ann Shannon help herself as she shares in this little insight into her life

  • Caitlin Quinn

    Caitlin Quinn shares how much she values education, despite it’s challenges, because of the benefits she gets from it

  • Lucy Glendinning

    In this piece Lucy Glendinning from Kilkenny chooses a song from the Buena Vista Social Club as the sound track to her story of the home birth of her daughter twenty years ago

  • Maria Marshall

    Maria Marshall who lives in Kilkenny recounts a story from her childhood living during the war years in London an ends with a song from Vera Lynne

  • Lillian Moore

    A mother’s love and support is recalled in this piece by Lillian Moore from Carlow who chooses the song ‘When You Were Sweet Sixteen’ by the Furey Brothers and Davy Arthur for her

  • Begonia

    Begonia from Spain who is living in Kilkenny now with her two children and niece, describes the reasons for her being here and her experiences so far

  • Amanda Kelly

    Amanda Kelly shares a story from her childhood which went on to affect her life until she took action to address it

  • Stephanie Hanlon

    Stephanie Hanlon tells us about her third level experiences at Carlow College – where she now lectures!

  • Detta McCabe

    Detta McCabe, now 85 years of age, recalls the day she met her husband in London and gives us a bit of an insight into those years of her life

  • Nadya

    Nadya is originally from Siberia and has worked in Belgium for a while too. In this piece she shares her experiences of these places and tells how she is getting on in Kilkenny KCLR96FM · Women's Bits – Nadya

  • Mawie Barrett

    Mawie Barrett wrote this story which she shares on Women’s Bits where she recalls meeting her child that she gave up for adoption and sharing some time with her KCLR96FM · Women's Bits – Mawie Barrett

  • Shelia Fitzpatrick

    Shelia shares these stories from her days working as a telephone operator and dedicates ‘A Rainy Night in Georgia’ to her husband Pascal KCLR96FM · Women's Bits – Shelia Fitzpatrick

  • Mary Minogue

    Mary Minogue from Kilkenny shares her experiences of working with the Holy Family Sisters, in this episode of Women’s Bits, and picks Abba as her song choice KCLR96FM · Women's Bits – Mary Minogue

  • Margot

    Margot from France shares her experiences of taking up a challenge and succeeding and chooses the song ‘Who Runs the World’ KCLR96FM · Women's Bits – Margot From France

  • Siobhan Thompson

    This week it’s the turn of Siobhan Thompson from Carlow who talks about the time she went to Auschwitz and her experiences there KCLR96FM · Women's Bits – Siobhan Thompson

  • Ann Cuddy

    Ann Cuddy from Carlow talks about how she discovered the poet within herself KCLR96FM · Women's Bits – Ann Cuudy

  • Stephanie McDermott

    Stephanie McDermott, a lecturer in Carlow College talks about the time she went to the Gambia soon after she left school KCLR96FM · Women's Bits – Stephanie McDermott

  • Annette Foley

    Annette Foley, now living in Carlow, recalls some wonderful memories from her childhood growing up in Kilkenny city KCLR96FM · Women's Stories – Annette Foley

  • Rut

    Running plays a huge role in Rut’s life and in this piece she shares how she makes space for it in her day to day life KCLR96FM · Women's Stories – Rut

  • Gillian Grattan

    Gillian Grattan’s mam died when she was just 8 years old and in this piece she recalls what she remembers of that time and her feelings about things now KCLR96FM · Women's Stories – Gillian Grattan

  • Judy Kearney

    Judy Kearney recalls her experiences as a boarder in Kylemore Abbey in this piece as part of the ‘Women’s Bits’ series KCLR96FM · Women's Stories

  • Jamelida Rafique

    In this piece Jamelida Rafique, now a first year student at St Leo’s College Carlow, talks about the importance of art and friendship and in particular talks about a painting she made for Crinniu na nOg called ‘Why is the Sky Blue?’ KCLR96FM · Women …

  • Theresa Jones

    Theresa Jones writes a nostalgic account of a flat she used to live in with all its lovable idiosyncrasies and peculiarities KCLR96FM · Women's Stories – Theresa Jones

  • Anne Deroe

    In this piece Anne Deroe writes about how she misses her son and his family living in Australia and how Covid -19 exacerbates the situation KCLR96FM · Women's Stories -Anne Deroe

  • Bridget McIntyre

    Bridge McIntyre paints a wonderful picture of her first impressions of America and gives us an insight into her work as a prison nurse in this piece that she wrote for the Women’s Bits series KCLR96FM · Women's Stories – Bridget McIntyre

  • Marian Dalton

    Marian Dalton shares how doing a secretarial course after school has stood to her ever since as she has used those skills she learned over the years. KCLR96FM · Women's Stories – Marian Dalton

  • Anne McDonald

    In this piece Anne McDonald writes about a family story from her childhood, which recalls a book, a cow’s heart and poignant memories of her parents. KCLR96FM · Women's Stories – Ann McDonald

  • Eileen Heneghan

    Eileen Heneghan writes this lovely story from her childhood about the garden she grew up in and the special memories associated with the garden bench KCLR96FM · Women's Stories – Eileen Heneghan

  • Trish Fox

    A great day and night out in the 80s is recalled here by Trish Fox with the song ‘Dreams’ by Fleetwood Mac ending it off. KCLR96FM · Women's Stories – Trish Fox

  • Margaret Grant

    In this piece Margaret Grant writes an ode to her nose which she has grown to appreciate with the help of the Japanese KCLR96FM · Women’s Bits- Margaret Grant

  • Valerie Ryan

    Valerie Ryan writes this piece about childhood memories growing up in Canada and picks the song ‘The Fool on the Hill’ by Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66 KCLR96FM · Women’s Bits – Valerie Ryan

  • Johanna Hackett

    In this piece Johanna Hackett who was born in Graiguenamanagh and went on to live in Inistioge, shares her memories of life growing up, going to school, marriage, children and her life now in Gowran Abbey Nursing Home KCLR96FM · Women's Bits – Joh …

  • Helena Power

    In the following piece Helena Power talks about getting a good education and her dreams for her career within the Irish Traveller Movement. KCLR96FM · Women's Bits – Helena Power

  • Petronelle Clifton Brown

    In this piece, Petronelle Clifton Brown describes her journey from Tipperary to Sydney which she undertook on an ocean liner in the mid 1960s KCLR96FM · WB – Petronelle Clifton Brown

  • Margaret Renehan

    Margaret Renehan from Gowran Abbery Nursing Home gives us a little insight into her life and times KCLR96FM · Women's Bits – Margaret Renehan

  • Claire Moore

    Today, we have Claire Moore from Carlow who wrote this story about working as an ICU nurse, intertwined with an account of her granny’s activities during the Civil War – both on the front line, 100 years apart. KCLR96FM · Women's Bits – Clare Moor …

  • Marie Coyne

    Marie Coyne is currently residing in Gowran Abbey Nursing Home. She talks about her life and in particular her love of travel – she has been all over the world and really loves India. Panis Angelicus sung by Pavarotti is the song of choice for Marie Co …

  • Loretto Kenny

    Loretto Kenny is originally from Wexford and currently living in Carlow and she shares a story of living in Dublin during the early part of her career and boarding with the nuns KCLR96FM · Women's Bits – Loretto Kenny

  • Elizabeth Connnors

    Carlow woman Elizabeth Connors shares her experiences of overcoming her nerves to sing in Carnegie Hall and recently publishing a book of poetry KCLR96FM · Womens Bits – Elizabeth Connors

  • Patricia Cantwell

    Today we hear from Patricia Cantwell who shares this story about the time she nearly met Muhammad Ali. Patricia picks Paul Simon’s Trailways Bus as her song of choice KCLR96FM · Women’s Bit’s – Patricia Cantwell

  • Bunny Gladney

     Bunny Gladney from St Mullins recalls memories of her childhood growing up in New Ross and shares moments from her life living in St Mullins.  Her song is Derek Ryan ‘Down on Your Uppers’. KCLR96FM · Women’s Bits – Bunny Gladney

  • Colette Dormer

    The last Women’s Bits story! How to end a wonderful series? Who better than one of the girls from the Kilkenny Senior Camogie team. Their victory last year epitomised so many good traits like resilience, physical strength, mental belief…. and they ha …