The Eclectic Light Programme

The Eclectic Light Programme: Interview: Pierce Turner (9/6/2016)

I’ve interviewed Pierce Turner a number of times now and on each occasion I remark on the unique experience he brings to bear on the recording process. For him, the task and the journey of creation are deeply intertwined with the songs formed in to a collection he presents.

For his new album “Love Can’t Always Be Articulate”, the impetus was a beautiful church in Manhattan, New York City. The inspiration of the church spaces, the beautiful organ and piano lent itself to an intense experience of recording and a challenging one; takes would have to abandoned because of outside noise but the takes that weren’t are testaments to his art and craft. Songs land lightly and easily with deep messages, his voice is as great as ever, rich and choral and his subject matter is as grounded as ever. These songs speak to what it is to be human, full of doubt, love and wonder and some are emotional songs of parting and living.

Always a pleasure to chat with, we don’t bother with clocks or timing…

Do yourself a favour and get this album! Check out where Pierce is at here

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