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Eco Logical with Brian Redmond

Focus On Electric Vehicles

This week on Eco logical, the focus is on Electric Vehicles with Brian Redmond chatting to Sunday World Motoring Journalist, Daragh Keany; Anthony Mannion and James Power of Laharts Garage; and Chris Kelly of Easy Go Charging Network.

While there are growing numbers of electric vehicles on our roads, there are many people who are in the research stage of considering purchasing an electric vehicle,  so to find out more about them and to give us a sense of what it’s like to drive an electric car we sent Eco logical presenter Brian Redmond on a test drive.

Daragh Keany, Sunday World Motoring Journalist joined Brian to tell us more about the EV market, how it has been increasing in popularity and what we need to think about when buying an EV.

Anthony Mannion and James Power of Laharts Garage joined Brian to chat about the different range of electric vehicles that are available, they chat through some of the common questions that they get about driving electric vehicles, batteries and charging networks around the country.

Chris Kelly of Easy Go Charging Network chats to Brian about the different charge points,  the rollout of the charging network across the country and whether it is on track.