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Expert panel reveal plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions by half in 10 years

Targets for each sector will follow in the coming weeks

Pollution reduction targets set to be made legally binding by the government will aim to cut Irish greenhouse gas emissions by 51% by the end of the decade.

A set of five-year “carbon budgets” out to 2030 were released last night by the Climate Change Advisory Council.

The aim is reduce emissions by 4.8% a year up to 2025, when the target will increase to 8.3% a year.

Sectoral targets are to be published in the coming weeks.

Marie Donnelly, chair of the expert panel, says some farmers may have to change the way they do business:

“There may be incidences where reducing methane means reducing activity levels. And, in that context its absolutely essential that there are alternative income streams that farmers can develop. And also that the supports coming from the CAP and indeed Government will support farmers in this transition to a more sustainable farming enterprise”.

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