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Extreme care needed as snow and ice hit Kilkenny & Carlow

Snow fell in some parts but most roads are affected by icy stretches

Anyone out and about this morning should take extra care.

Hazardous driving conditions are expected on the roads with a yellow alert from Met Eireann due to remain in effect until 11am.

The snow and ice warning kicked in yesterday evening.

Local Gardaí are also warning you to be careful of ice and frost on your car windows as well as on the road surfaces.

Traffic Sergeant Gary Gordon says you could end up with a fine and penalty points even if you don’t have an accident:

“Make sure your windows are completely clear before taking off. And that’s all of your windows – front, sides and back. We have seen people in the past that think they are in a tank and they’re looking through a small gap that they’re after clearing in the ice. That’s totally unacceptable. It’s extremely dangerous and we do issue tickets for driving without due care and attention which carry penalty points”