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Fastest internet speeds in Ireland to roll out in Kilkenny

The fastest internet speeds in Ireland will be available in Kilkenny.

The city is getting the first two-gigabit fibre broadband service for Irish homes – which is twice as powerful as the best broadband speeds currently available anywhere in the country.

It’s being rolled out by SIRO, the joint venture company between the ESB and Vodafone

You can sign up through Vodafone, Blacknight and Pure Telecom.

Ronan Whelan from SIRO says they chose Kilkenny because there is some very high internet use locally, noting “This is available for all premises both whether they’re businesses or they’re consumers at home so obviously through the pandemic we’ve sen dramatic uplift in traffic from customers so this is really a pre-planning future proof network that can supply those services for the future, in 2014 I think the speeds were about 24megs, 2020 98megs so this is 20 times faster than that so it’s a dramatic improvement”.

He adds that anyone can sign up if you think you need to boost your speeds, saying “Listen we’ve got some great customers down there, obviously Cartoon Saloon with the Wolfwalkers on the business side of things and through the pandemic we’ve definitely seen a lot of working from home type traffic so we’ve some great customers down there, so we’re delighted to have selected Kilkenny as the starting point for our two-gigabit journey, there is steps ahead of that so ten-gigabits is there as well so we will prep and be preparing Ireland and Kilkenny for the future so that anything that is capable from Toyko and beyond that you can do it in Ireland too”.