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Fitness on KCLR Breakfast (Thursday, 24 September 2020)

Weight training, proper footwear and home workouts

Find yourself making excuses to stop yourself from exercising?

Maybe you’re only free in the evenings but find it too dark or cold to go into the Great Outdoors, perhaps you’re perplexed about the correct attire or are unsure of the right moves to do.

Luckily we’ve just the man to help you.

Ger O’Toole, fitness instructor at Kilkenny Ormonde Leisure Club, is on KCLR Breakfast with John Walsh every second Thursday after 9am and would love to hear from you – queries can be emailed to [email protected] or text/whatsapp to 083 306 96 96 during show time (7am to 10am weekdays).

With John enjoying some days off, Ger joined Brian Redmond on the programme to answer a range of questions spanning weight training, footwear & home workouts.

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KCLR Wedding Showcase