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Folk/Roots: Interview – Eddi Reader (8/2/2016)

Eddi Reader is a Scottish national treasure with strong Irish connections. Interestingly, she’s also appeared in more venues in Kilkenny than any other artist that we’re aware of and she’s been welcome in every one. She’s on tour in Ireland again and will visit the Watergate Theatre on Wednesday, February 17th.

As a member of various groups (most notably Fairground Attraction), as a backing vocalist and solo performer, her voice is an unique instrument which she has moulded and perfected over the years and she’s captured the hearts of anyone who’s heard it. She has a strong sense of what a song should be and is a fine interpreter of songs across various traditions. Her Robert Burns album is the work of a great artist.

She’s just released a retrospective compilation and and it’s been a revelation for her to revisit the songs and the methods of their making. She’s also been discovering her family heritage of song collection and the joys of singing…and she can talk too 😉

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