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Former Kilkenny councillor to run for Dail seat

A former Kilkenny councillor is turning her attention to the Dail.

Ferrybank based Melissa O’Neill served first as a Sinn Fein then an Independent representative in the Piltown Municipal District until she lost her seat in the last local election.

She had also run for Waterford council but failed to secure a seat there too.

She’s now aiming to fill the Dáil seat left vacant by Wexford’s Mick Wallace on his election to the European Parliament and has been telling KCLR “I have decided to stand for the bye-election for Mick Wallace’s seat in Wexford, we do share our HAP, we share our greenways, we share our bridge so I don’t see why we can’t share candidates at this corner so I’m very much excited & delighted that the Irish Freedom Party have asked me to be their first TD candidate for the party so it’s very exciting times now”.

November 29 is the date mooted for that bye-election and Ms O’Neill’s been telling KCLR that while the current focus is on that, down the line she & her colleagues will be honing on on Ireland’s position in Europe noting “Obviously we’re very tied up at the moment with Brexit and obviously we are looking for a united Ireland and up to 80 to 90% of our trade is with the EU, as we stand today our trading is being crippled here, we see now how America’s added an extra 25% even to America, we’ve been very held back we feel as a country, the Eurozone has dropped to its lowest there in just the last fortnight and very serious worries about being part of Europe that we’re paying more out than what we’re getting back”.