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Full lockdown: From midnight, everyone is to stay at home

Only essential workers allowed travel

The Taoiseach has called on the people of Ireland to remain at home and not travel further than 2kms from their homes, in a sobering delivery of further restrictions in a bid to slow the spread of Covid19.

Leo Varadkar offered his condolences to family and friends of the three people who died today as a result of the virus, one of whom was a healthcare worker.

From midnight tonight, everyone is to stay at home, unless they must travel to work but only those who work in essential services. These restrictions will remain for two weeks (April 12).

People can only leave to shop for food or household goods, collect medicines and attend medical appointments.

There is permission to conduct vital family visits for some reasons, such as childcare or care of the elderly.

He said people could take brief exercise but within 2 kms of own home, while he said those who farmed could go about their business for the purpose of food production.

Public and private gatherings were banned unless they involved members of the same household only (no social family visits).

Non essential shops and services are to close, as are community centres.

All visits to hospitals, residential settings and prisons to cease, except on compassionate grounds.

Cocooning has been introduced for those over 70 and the vulnerable.

Travel to our offshore islands has been limited to those who live on those islands, and public transport is restricted to essential workers.

He said people must stay within a 2kms radius of their home.

“There is no fate but what we make for ourselves,” he said.

He said he was asking people to give meaning to freedom and liberty to adhere to restrictions.

Difficult days

“I told you earlier that difficult days were ahead and that the virus would spread. Some have suffered and some not survived.

“Now is the time for further actions.”

There have been 22 Covid19 related deaths in Ireland. The Health Protection Surveillance Centre earlier said it had been informed of 302 new cases of the virus.

There are 19 cases in Kilkenny to date, and five or less recorded in Carlow.

Mr Varadkar said that there were day-on-day increase of admissions to ICUs – in fact they had doubled since Monday.

“More than half of cases are transmissions in the community,” he said, adding that the clusters in nursing homes had also caused concern.

“What happens next is up to each of us. Show you care for family and friends. Stay at home.”



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