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Further safety measures & more Garda involvement called for on one Kilkenny road

Cllr Pat Fitzpatrick fears lives will be lost on the stretch

A Kilkenny councillor is worried that more lives will be lost on one local road that’s already seen fatalities.

Pat Fitzpatrick is calling for further safety measures and more Garda involvement on the Clinstown Road.

He told this week’s meeting of Castlecomer Municipal District that the situation there is “a matter of urgency”.

Cllr Fitzpatrick says there’s already been too many tragedies along the route, telling KCLR News “Regrettably there has been fatalities and I don’t want to hear of any other poor family or anything like that or even any poor family having crashes because every day when you wake up and you listen to AA Roadwatch or indeed to KCLR in the mornings and hear that there’s an accident on the Ballyragget Road you always think of some poor divil that’s passing along that road or indeed anyone travelling along or the locals that are using it so, for me, it’s a priority that I’ll keep pushing”.

Cllr Fitzpatrick adds that he’s received many complaints about the safety of the Clinstown Road, noting “I don’t want to be hearing of crashes that are happening because people are not able to put out the nose of their car in fact as one woman said she’s not able to put out her snout out on that road any day without having it nearly taken off and I know families and personally I’ve spoken to many families in the areas, and again with the school out there, in Clinstown, the traffic is huge”.

And the Fianna Fáil representative claims reducing the speed limit there wasn’t enough to resolve the issues, saying “As everyone knows, Clinstown, all that Ardaloo Road junction area, the whole ways up to Ardaloo, it’s a very, very dangerous stretch of road, the speed limit has been brought down from 100 to 80 and that signifies the actual dangerousness of the road so Kilkenny County Council and the Municipal District of Castlecomer agreed to proceed to investigate further what safety issues could be dealt with there and could be brought forward”.