The Farm Show

Glanbia Farm Show – 12/10/2017

Tonight’s show was dominated by the recent budget and in particular the proposal to increase the rate of stamp duty to 6% which will have a definite and severe effect on the farming sector. Matt had spoken to Minister Michael Creed earlier in the week but the reaction since the announcement has been angry to say the least. We heard from James Murphy, Regional Chairperson of IFA, following a meeting of members earlier today.

(The full interview with Minister Creed is at the bottom of the page)

Paul O’Brien, county secretary of Kilkenny IFA joined us to discuss an upcoming rural and environmental meeting being held at the Newpark Hotel, Kilkenny on Monday next (16th).  We were also joined by Paddy Phelan, manager of the Carlow/Kilkenny Renewable Energy Agency who discussed recent and planned energy initiatives focusing on renewal heat incentives (RHI) and upcoming energy workshops.

Oliver Holohan of Millard Solicitors joined us for the weekly legal feature, covering pre-nuptial agreements, rights of way and commented on the stamp duty issue.

We had our usual Farm Diary (sponsored by Tullow Mart) and George Candler gave the usual Kilkenny weekly mart report (sponsored by Alan Millard Solicitors)