The Farm Show

Glanbia Farm Show – 13/4/2017

First tonight, joining us in studio was Thomas Ryan, Environment Secretary with the Irish Farm Association on the topic of “Smart Farming”, i.e. how to save money and increase farm profits. He also spoke on the Nitrates Directive,  and the status of the 270kg derogation. Finally Matt and Thomas discussed issues around renewable energy resources especially biomass. Brexit also featured in the discussion and we have the details of their upcoming event on this most serious issue for farmers and farm families.

Matt brought us a report from the launch of Meat Technology Ireland initiative. He spoke with John Malone, the chairman of MTI along with  John Conleavy and Philip Carroll, two of the directors.

Joining us on the phone was Angus Woods, Chairman of the IFA National Livestock Committee on changes in the Beef Data and Genomics Programme, the Beef Quality Assurance Scheme, current beef and lamb prices.

We then had the weekly Mart Report from Michael Lynch, manager at Kilkenny Livestock Mart.

As discussed, we have the full Meat Technology Ireland interview below: