The Farm Show

Glanbia Farm Show – 4/5/2017

Joining us first on the phone was James Healy, the Cork based President-Elect of Macra Na Feirme. He spoke about the concerns about young farmers as they enter the world of farming. Also in studio and contributing to the discussion was James Murphy, South Leinster Regional Chairman of the Irish Farmers Association. While there are many items of agreement, debate will continue in the future with the engagement and acceptance of differing perspectives.

Matt spoke to George Ramsbottom from Teagasc,  one of their diary specialists from Oak Park, on issues of labour efficiency, grass management and heat detection, a critical issue at this time of year.

James Murphy stayed with us to discuss upcoming IFA events, closing dates for various schemes including the greater use of online application & registration, issues around various CAP payments, Skillnets IT, smartphones and other online training , solar and wind technology & problems with biomass

We then had the weekly Mart Report from Michael Lynch