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Global guests in Kilkenny for second annual Stigmatisation of Migrants conference

A number of high profile individuals have been arriving in Kilkenny ahead of this morning’s Stigmatisation of Migrants conference.

The Club House Hotel hosts the second international gathering from 9:30am which includes the Ambassador to Morocco while the event is a first for the new Polish Ambassador.

Other countries are also represented as organiser Murty Brennan outlines “Sometimes we find that the title is a little bit misleading because what we’ll be talking about is all the positive things like the social inclusion, we’ll have participation network and then we’re fortunate to have some guests from Morocco, Lithuania, Croatia, Romania; it’s going to be a very interesting day”.

The occasion will see presentations from a variety of individuals & groups include the GAA & FAI with Mr Brennan adding “Sometimes presentations can be a little bit stiff so the people who give the speeches will remain on the stage in a seated studio area because it’s being recorded for Bengali TV and it’s also being recorded by The Wheel for distribution out to Europe and then the audience can ask questions, you find the people giving the speeches or presentations will actually be more relaxed & you’ll get a better viewpoint about what they’re talking about to be honest with you”.