GPs in Carlow and Kilkenny to offer free contraception services to young women from today

Doctors across Carlow and Kilkenny are offering free contraception services to young local women from today.

The government’s universal free contraception scheme is only for women aged 17 to 25.

They can register for forms of birth control through their GP, while women who access contraception through a medical card can also avail of the new scheme.

The cost of removing a current contraceptive device is also covered.

Local GP Paula Greally explains:

“This includes the GP consultation, the prescription, the fitting of a contraceptive device, a ring or a patch, oral contraception from the pharmacy and also the Depo-Provera injection is covered”

Dr Greally told The Way it is that she’s confident that most surgeries in Carlow and Kilkenny will offer the services but warned that doctors are not automatically signed up:

“I would envisage that most GP’s will be signing up to this contract particularly if they have a significant amount of women’s health in their practice”