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“Have some respect for the location you’re in” is the plea from one South Kilkenny Councillor.

Plans for a 28-space car park have been delays but there's also a rubbish problem

“Have some respect for the location you’re in” – that’s the plea from one South Kilkenny Councillor.

Eamon Aylward told this week’s meeting of the Piltown District that the Poulanassy Waterfall’s being overrun by indiscriminate parking.

It comes as plans for a 28-space car park for the area have been delayed by Covid restrictions on construction.

Without such a facility, Cllr Aylward says many visitors to the area have been parking recklessly, telling KCLR News “It’s an issue that keeps recurring at Poulnassey waterfall in Mullinavat in regard to people parking along the road, you know, some people just literally abandoning their cars with no consideration for anybody living in the area or other road users in particular farm machinery that needs to use that road as well”.

He says construction on a new car park should get underway shortly, noting “There is plans in place by the county council to put in 28 bay car park there, unfortunately, works have been delayed on that because of Covid restrictions but we do hope to get that up and running within the next month or so when restrictions are lifted so that will take a number of months to complete but in the meanwhile, I would ask anybody that is attending the waterfall to please respect the residents of the area, other road users and park safely”.

And it seems parking’s not the only problem there with Cllr Aylward also telling KCLR¬†“The rubbish issue I suppose it’s probably relevant to the waterfall and all the other beauty spots that people are attending around the county; please bring your rubbish home with you, it’s easy for people to bring items with them for picnics or whatever but have some respect for the location you’re in, for the other users and just bring your rubbish home and dispose of it properly”.