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Housing development planned for Kilkenny’s Sion Road turned down by An Bord Pleanála

Permission had been sought for 120 homes for the area

A major Strategic Housing Development planned for Kilkenny’s Sion Road’s been rejected by An Bord Pleanala.

120 homes in several blocks of apartments & houses were to be built on the Peace & Christ site.

Following a number of objections it’s been turned down for a number of reasons including that it would a have a negative impact on the special area of conservation of The Nore, also there’s not enough safe pedestrian & cycle access across the Ring Road and that it would increase the level of traffic in the area.

Cllr Maria Dollard was among those to lodge an objection and says while the decision can be appealed, it’s doubtful this one will be overturned noting “Of course you can appeal decisions but the reasons for the decision are quite significant so it’ll be very difficult to unwind that and undo it to make it safe because it’s just too large a development in the wrong place”.

Cllr Dollard adds “The site probably will be developed but not in the way that was proposed by this strategic housing development and hopefully, you know, it’s a low density housing area so I’m sure there will be houses built there, that isn’t a problem, it’s the amount and density of homes that were proposed that was really, you know, a huge impact on that area but a lower density development would be much more suitable and will probably I would imagine happen or go ahead, that’s in line with the county development plan as well, so it puts it back into the hands of local people again which is the way it should be”.