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HSE suspends distribution of the flu jab as just over half of the doses administered have been recorded

It's unclear what's happened to 600,000 vaccines

600,000 doses of the flu vaccine can’t be located.

The HSE has suspended distribution of the jab until they figure out what happened.

The organisation has sent a letter to doctors and pharmacists saying of the approximately 1.3 million vaccines administered to date, only 700,000 have been recorded as administered according to the Irish Independent.

Doctors, nurses, pharmacists have to log onto a system to explain why they’ve given the vaccine in order to be reimbursed.

As a result it’s unclear what happened to the other 600,000 vaccines.

The HSE said its pausing deliveries on more of the vaccines until more information can be ascertained.

The flu vaccine has been in extremely high demand this year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Healthcare workers have been told to prioritise the vulnerable with any remaining stock.