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“I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the blood and swelling” says local mother after her two children were set upon by a gang in a County Carlow playground

Gardai are investigating the incident which happened last Sunday at Tullow Town Park

The mother of two children who were attacked by a gang in a County Carlow park on Sunday says they’ve been reliving the experience since.

15 year old Kyle Shine & his 10 year old sister Zoe were set upon by a group of youths at Tullow Town Park at a quarter to four on Sunday.

The pair were later taken to St Luke’s Hospital and gardai are investigating the incident.

Their mam Michelle’s been telling KCLR Live she’s in shock herself saying “I nearly died when I saw the state of the two of them, thought it was just Kyle until Zoe turned around & I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the blood and swelling and, like, there was instant bruising straight away on their faces, Kyle’s t-shirt was ripped off him and you could see the scratch marks and the marks around his back and on his face and on his forehead and his lip was swollen and Zoe’s lip was swollen and her face & her forehead, I was in shock”.

She adds that a knife was produced by those carrying out the attack during which Kyle did his best to protect his younger sister saying “He was trying to protect himself and at the same time trying to protect Zoe and he said one lad took out a knife, a handmade knife, from his pocket and Kyle said that all that was going through his head was not for him to do it to Zoe, he said he didn’t mind taking the punches because his mind was racing on Zoe, he was afraid that the knife would be used on Zoe, it must have been an awful experience for them, I’m sortof still shaken up over it”.