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Irish drivers most distracted by eating or drinking while driving as well as by children in their vehicles

Mobile phone use was reported by a tenth of respondents

Irish drivers are most distracted by eating or drinking as well as by children in their vehicles.

That’s according to a survey of over 5,000 motorists by AA Ireland.

54% admit to eating or drinking a non-alcoholic beverage while driving with 52% saying they find children distracting – with 2% saying they were involved in a collision or near-miss while attending to a child in the car in the past year.

32% describe themselves as a ‘back seat driver’ while travelling with a partner or spouse.

It seems mobile phones are still an issue with 12% using a handheld phone while 9% send a text and 6% use a smartphone to look up the internet while driving.

Personal grooming makes the list with 3% reporting brushing their hair with 2% putting on make-up while behind a wheel and 1% floss their teeth.

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