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IT Carlow says its 200 Chinese students have not recently been to any areas affected by coronavirus

IT Carlow says all incoming Chinese delegation visits have been cancelled until the coronavirus is contained.

They’ve also asked that their Chinese students tell them if they’ve been home since the outbreak was reported, and have sent them the HSE’s advisory posters.

However, they say as far as they’re aware, none of their students went home for either Christmas or the New Year.

The only arrivals from China have been faculty members – none of whom have been to the Wuhan or Hubei districts or anywhere nearby recently.

The institute’s Vice-President has told KCLR that their offices in China are also shut for the time-being, and they’re doing all they can to support their 200 Chinese students.

It comes as 259 people are now known to have died from the coronavirus in China.

The U.S. has announced a ban on the arrival of foreign nationals who’ve been to the country in the last two weeks – angering Beijing.

Australia has brought in a similar measure, while the UK’s withdrawing some staff from its embassy and consulates there.