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“It’s hard to believe any being could force that sort of inhumanity to man” says Kilkenny Councillor of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Cllr John Coonan made the comments at Friday's meeting while Mayor Andrew McGuinness revealed his fundraiser

“We have a duty and a responsibility to lead”.

So said Cllr John Coonan at Friday’s Kilkenny City Municipal District Meeting.

The Any Other Business section was given over the comments on the war in Ukraine during which Cllr Coonan said “it’s hard to believe any being could force that sort of inhumanity to man” and he called on his counterparts to put their hands deep down into their pockets and do something tangible for those hardest hit.

The gathering was the first in-person for the city councillors and also saw Mayor Andrew McGuinness reveal details of a fundraising day in aid of the people of Ukraine.

It’s due to take place on the 20th of March with Cllr McGuinness saying “This is not just about raising money. This is about standing in solidarity and showing our support for our Ukrainian friends and neighbours”.

Many other individuals and groups across Carlow and Kilkenny people continue to do their bit to raise funds and to assist how they can.

Yesterday alone, more than €6,000 was collected at a coffee morning and cake sale at Callan Parish organised by the Coolagh Pattern Committee.

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