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Jobs boost for Kilkenny as Entegro announces expansion

The telecomms company is to hire 50 people locally in the next 12 months

Telecomms company Entegro is hiring 50 new people in Kilkenny over the next year.

The new jobs at the Kilkenny city base are part of an expansion that will see them take on 20 more staff at a new centre in Poland.

CEO Jim Doyle says “We’re planning to expand out our existing workforce, an additional 50 people in Kilkenny and we’re opening up a centre also in Poland but primarily it’s our Kilkenny base that we’re talking about and that’s being an additional manager, support staff, designers, engineers and field surveyors to an existing workforce we have in situ”.

The group’s already hired 50 people this summer to work on the National Broadband Plan rollout as Mr Doyle outlines “We’ve fulfilled that I suppose by fulfilling a commitment that we had with national broadband Ireland in the survey of their requirements for their network roll out which is quite a large project, key infrastructure for the whole of rural Ireland, so we were selected as one of the design partners on that and that’s up & running as of today so it’s supporting that project, supporting a northern Ireland project & some work in the UK that we’re doing also”.

Recruitment is already underway on their website for engineers, technicians, Field Surveyors and Project Managers in addition to several supporting roles.

And the CEO says they’ll continue recruiting over the next year due to the extra broadband demand from people working from home due to the pandemic noting “It’ll be continuous, one role leads to another and we’ll continue to expand where required into different projects, it’s an evolving thing, fibre to the home is an concept I suppose that’s been talked about for a long time but really it’s now up & running, it’s powering all in the UK but in Ireland it’s a demand that every house is looking for because of the Covid-19 restrictions that are in place, people are working remotely, working from home”.

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