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KCLR Live: The Wait Goes on for Children Who Need ENT Appointments

Two local mothers, Nicola Ryan and Leona Rocca, describe their heartache for their sons who suffer while languishing on ENT waiting lists…

This is the HSE response to KCLR Live:


SECH/HSE Media Statement

19th February, 2020


Reply for KCLR


Within resources available, South East Community Healthcare (SECH) has a a dedicated team of Speech & Language Therapists and Audiologists in place in its community services and they work in conjunction with other specialties as part of assessment and treatment of clients.


Subject to prioirty being afforded to some cases bassed on clinical need, the current, average waiting time for a child in relaiton to seeing an Audiolgist varies between up to 48 months (in relaiton to thos aged 0-4) and up to 87 weeks (regarding those aged between 4-17 years old). For both age groups of children, the present waiting time to see a Speech & Language Therapist is up to 48 weeks.


As regards those on the Speech and Language Therapy waiting list, where adjudged appropriate, clients can be facilitated in group sessions.


SECH hasn’t been made aware of applications in respect of the Treatment Abroad Scheme for such services.


Information on the Treatment Abroad Scheme is available at




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