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Kilkenny and Carlow students return to remote learning today

Schools are closed due to Covid-19 restrictions and won't reopen until February at the earliest

Students across Carlow and Kilkenny are returning to remote learning this morning.

It comes as the government has decided to shut all schools until February at least, as Covid cases continue to rise.

It means they’ve made a U-turn on plans to allow Leaving certs and special needs students to return to class.

Richard Crotty is a leaving cert student at Kilkenny College, and he says the school closure will have a serious impact on mental health.

“I personally was disappointed with recent developments that we were not even going back to school for three days in the classroom,” said Richard.

“I was looking forward to getting back and meeting my friends and having the social interactions that go along with school life, and I think that this prolonged lockdown is only going to have negative impacts on the mental health and well being of students as we are under enough pressure and stress as it is being that it is an exam year” he added.