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Kilkenny cancer support centre’s seeking new premises

Cois Nore gave a presentation to local councillors at a meeting yesterday, explaining that their current site on Walkin Street's too small to meet demand

Kilkenny’s cancer support centre is appealing to the County Council for a new premises.

Cois Nore gave a presentation to local councillors, outlining their desperate situation, at yesterday’s (Friday) meeting of the City District.

Their current site on Walkin Street- donated to them by local company Modern Printers- is just 97 square metres in total, which they say is too small to meet their current demand.

In comparison, the Solas Centre in Waterford is almost seven times that size (at 650 square metres) and had their site provided to them by Waterford City and County Council.

Speaking to KCLR News, Dr Bill Cuddihy, the Chairman of Cois Nore, says Kilkenny County Council now need to take a similar approach;

“The council in Tipperary provided the site for the cancer support centre in Clonmel, the HSE provided the one for CĂșisle up in Portlaoise” he explains. “So we’re not asking for anything that hasn’t been given in other areas to people in neighbouring counties”.

All members of the City Municipal District yesterday reacted positively to the presentation from Dr. Cuddihy, and pledged to offer their help going forward to secure a more suitable premises- the doctor says they’re still holding out hope to see that happen.

“We feel that, at that meeting, every one of the councillors said they would support us. Well the kind of support that we want-that we need- is in getting a site”.

Dr Cuddihy claims a team is ready to build new premises for Cois Nore for free- once the Council provides a site to build on.

“Waterford County Council provided Solas with their site, and then Solas formed a development committee of business leaders in Waterford who raised the funds to build it” he explained. “We too have a whole design team of architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, interior designers, fire consultants and all the rest. They are willing to work with us pro bono, for free, if we just get an appropriate site.”

At yesterday’s meeting, Dr Cuddihy fiercely told the elected members that “[Cois Nore] are not looking to buy a premises, we’re looking for a premises, form the Council, for free.”

He’s reiterated that to KCLR News- and says they’re only asking for the same supports that other local authorities have provided in neighbouring counties;

“We’re not awash with funds, and any funds that we have we will need in building or adapting whatever premises we might get to our needs. We’re not asking for anything that hasn’t been provided to our sister charities in neighbouring counties- it’s not anything that hasn’t already been done in Waterford, Tipperary, Laois or Carlow.”