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Kilkenny City man awarded Certificate of Bravery

A Certificate of Bravery’s been awarded to a Kilkenny City man following an incident that happened seven years ago.

33 year old Adrian Brennan, who works for Bank of Ireland at Banking 365, jumped into the River Nore in 2012 to save the life of a girl who’d gotten into trouble in the water & couldn’t get out.

Today he & 19 other recipients were bestowed with bravery awards at a ceremony in Farmleigh House.

He’s been telling KCLR News he can’t quite believe he’s being awarded saying “I’m not really sure how to word it, it’s a bit surreal, like it was seven years ago and not so much that I’d forgotten about it but I just wasn’t really thinking about it and then the letter came and now here I am up at Farmleigh House in the Phoenix Park & I’m still trying to process what’s happening, people are saying it’s such a monumental thing but I don’t know, I’m just trying to process it for my own head”.

He also noted “I’m starting to realise what’s happening & I’m like wow, this is a big achievement and I’m quite pleased”.

Adrian added “As I might keep it quiet tonight & go out for a meal over the weekend & celebrate that way”.