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Kilkenny councillor calls for limited pet ownership in efforts to stop animal cruelty

Councillor Eugene McGuinness says there has been a spike in animal cruelty cases during lockdown

A local councillor is calling for a limit on the number of pets people can have, in a bid to stop animal cruelty.

Kilkenny councillor Eugene McGuinness says regulations should be brought in to allow tenants in council houses to have no more than two animals.

He says there has been a spike in animal cruelty cases since lockdown began.

Councillor McGuinness says the motion was well received at Friday’s Municipal District Meeting:

“At the meeting I suggested that we have tenancy laws there that restrict people in local authority houses to two pets. If those regulations were strictly enforced where animal cruelty was considered, you could eliminate a lot of it overnight, simply because the people who are engaging in this kind of behaviour, some of them have 20 or 30 dogs out in the back” he told KCLR News.

“What I want to do, as a first step, is ensure our own housing stock is dealt with. There’s a huge amount of people in local authority houses, so we can deal with that first. But it’s a broader issue. Anywhere there’s animal cruelty it has to be stamped out, and I will raise this again and again.”