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Kilkenny councillor says there are still plenty of young Green activists

Saoirse McHugh and a number of other young greens decided to leave the party yesterday

A local Green councillor says there are still plenty of strong activists in the party.

Kilkenny councillor Maria Dollard made the comments after Saoirse McHugh announced she was leaving the Green Party yesterday.

McHugh has said the programme for government is a terrible document and that this government will do massive damage to the idea of environmentalism.

However, Councillor Dollard says there’s a good local Young Greens group:

“We have a lot of Green party members that are activists, they haven’t all just left in one go. An awful lot of members are activists” she told The Way It Is. “Locally we have quite a good Young Greens group and they’re very active, and they do organise themselves and do a lot of work locally. But they’re not planning to leave.”