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Kilkenny County Council CEO says Urban Street and Park development will unlock residential potential at Abbey Quarter

Colette Byrne says they're at the detailed design stage

The CEO of Kilkenny County Council says the development of the urban street and park which will run through the Abbey Quarter will unlock the site for residential development.

Up to 35 percent of the overall development will include residential units of various types.

Colette Byrne says they’re at the detailed design stage with regard to the urban street and the two and a half acre park.

She says the residential aspect is important to the overall development’

“The design guidelines adopted by the council require us to deliver 30 to 35 percent of the development site to be residential. So its extremely important that we move now with the street being developed to look at how we develop that residential, what the tenure will be, what the mix will be, whether they are one or two bedroom family units, whether it accommodates older people.”

“So we have to look at all that in detail now but by getting the street done, it allows us to really consider the mixed use development and the residential in a sustainable way.”