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Kilkenny GP calls for more locals to wear face masks

Dr Tadhg Crowley says they are important in crowded indoor spaces

A local GP is encouraging the use of face coverings as restrictions ease.

Face masks are not currently mandatory in Ireland.

However, Dr Tadhg Crowley of Ayrefield Medical Centre believes they can be very effective in limiting the spread of coronavirus.

He says they are especially important in crowded areas such as shopping centres, and that we must avoid triggering the new spike in cases being experienced in Germany right now.

“I would encourage people when they do go to shopping centres to bring a mask with them..It sends out a message that [the virus] is still here, it’s still serious, we need to stand back as much as we can” he told KCLR. “Looking at Germany, we really are going in that line, but hopefully we won’t be there in four or five weeks.”