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Kilkenny Lions Club set to move festive fundraising online

It's as its traditional events have been hit by Covid-19 restrictions

Kilkenny Lions Club members are urging locals to support them as they go virtual for their Christmas appeal this year.

The business people often host a variety of events throughout the festive season, with their duck race and radio auction popular traditions.

However, Covid restrictions this year mean that many of their plans have had to be shelved.

President Pat O’Hanlon has been telling KCLR News they fear they’ll see a shortfall in their funding because of this noting “At the moment we’ve a number of activities that are put on hold because of Covid and will not take place so that means there will be a shortfall in our funding, at the moment we’re looking at a medium of social media to generate income to compensate us for the loss and whilst we haven’t fully decided on that yet, we will in the next week hopefully be launching something along the lines of a social media event which would allow us to fundraise”.

He’s asking fundraisers to keep an eye online for details on how they can donate this Christmas saying “The events that we normally run up to Christmas will not take place this year so we’re looking possibly at some social media fundraising event that may take its place, it’s likely that we will have something like a GoFundMe event in aid of one of our main charities within the next number of weeks we’d ask people to go online & maybe support that and support us that way”.