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Kilkenny mother calls for more government support for disabled children

Linda Comerford has four children with special needs

A local mother of children with disabilities is urging the government to take action.

There have been calls for more supports to be put in place for children and teenagers with special needs.

Since lockdown began most services have been put on hold, with many families left with little or no supports.

Linda Comerford has been campaigning for help from the government for her own four children with disabilities.

Speaking to KCLR, she says a new approach needs to be taken:

“Every person in this country that has a disability or is a carer needs a rights-based approach to supports. Currently the only right that a disabled person has is an assessment of need. After that everything else is around best practice, guidelines or just advised, but there’s actually no rights. There’s no right to respite, there’s no right to day service and no right to therapy. So we need a more rights-based approach.”

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