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Langton’s new kitchen set to reopen after Christmas morning Kilkenny City fire

The kitchen of one of the best known local eaterie’s is set to reopen.

The facility at Langton House Hotel went on fire last Christmas Day morning and since then staff have been working with a temporary set up on the grounds.

But it looks like they’re just weeks away from getting their custom space back as Chef Aidan Haverty’s been telling KCLR Breakfast.

He said “We had an incident over the Christmas the kitchen it did go on fire, it left us with a decision to make and our directors made a very good decision where they’re going to improve the kitchen completely so they’ve gutted it and we’re about two weeks away from opening our new kitchen”.

He added “We’re hoping to start moving, most of the equipment is kind of getting there at the moment, we’re hoping to start moving all of our bits in there maybe towards the middle of next week and do a soft opening so we iron out the kinks, learn how to use the equipment because it’s all new”.