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Carlow councillor calls for government legislation on County Council meetings

Adrienne Wallace says cancelling meetings will "halt local democracy"

A Carlow Councillor is unhappy that the County Council’s monthly meeting for April has been cancelled.

All council and committee meetings have been cancelled for the time being due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Carlow County Council says they have been advised that they can’t legally hold meetings remotely with applications like Zoom, and the government says they should only meet if there’s statutory business that can’t be delayed.

But People Before Profit Councillor Adrienne Wallace says if that is the case legally then the government should change the legislation to allow councillors to meet.

“It’s a ludicrous move in the middle of a pandemic, while there’s a huge amount of anxiety, stress and local issues rising, that a select few of unelected officials have decided to halt local democracy” the councillor said. “It makes absolutely no sense to me and I totally oppose it. If council workers are expected to go out and work, then local councillors should be as well.”