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Local parents forced to go private in order to receive vital medical services for their children

Some children have been waiting more than a year and a half to see an audiologist

The HSE has confirmed that local children can be waiting for up to four years for vital intervention services.

Local mothers from Carlow and Kilkenny told KCLR Live yesterday that they’re being forced to go private to get the services their children need.

It’s been confirmed in a statement to KCLR that the average waiting time for a child to see an Audiologist can be up to 48 months for under-4s – that’s four years.

And it’s up to 87 weeks for 4-to-17-year-olds – more than a year and a half.

However the HSE says in some cases patients can be given priority based on clinical need.

The waiting time for all local children who need to see a Speech & Language Therapist is up to 48 weeks – or 11 months.

But the HSE says sometimes children can be seen sooner in group sessions if appropriate.