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Local priest praises efforts to stop the spread of Coronavirus

Fr Paddy Byrne says the numbers are encouraging

A local priest says that we must keep up our efforts to fight the spread of Coronavirus.

Fr Paddy Byrne is still active for Holy Week in his Diocese of Kildare and Leighlin.

But he says that over half of the priests in his diocese are now cocooning in a bid to flatten the curve.

Speaking to KCLR, he commended the bravery of those in isolation;

“I’m not feeling the confinement because I have responsibility for a huge number of parishes in Laois in terms of funerals” The priest shared “I am just envious of those who are so brave in their confinement and are so diligent in keeping us all safe. It’s encouraging to see the numbers in Ireland in comparison to our neighbors in the UK, that we are doing so well.”