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Management at St Luke’s General Hospital for Carlow and Kilkenny appeal for patients only in need of emergency care to present at the local ED

It's as a local GP says he doesn't believe the overcrowding locally is due to the extra patient load from the Wexford fire

A local GP says the overcrowding issues at St Luke’s are not due to an extra patient load from the Wexford Hospital fire.

The General Hospital for Carlow Kilkenny had 45 patients without beds yesterday according to the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation.

Hospital Management is asking patients not to turn up at the ED unless it’s a genuine emergency without consulting their GP first, and to consider other options like their local pharmacy.

Here’s the statement hospital management’s issued to KCLR News:
“Similar to many Emergency Departments across the country St Luke’s General Hospital’s Emergency Department is extremely busy with high numbers of patients attending, many of are presenting with complex needs requiring admission.

“Some patients may experience very long wait times in the AMAU/ Emergency Department, however, as always staff will prioritise the sickest patients and most urgent cases for treatment and care.
“The HSE is urging members of the public to consider all available care options before attending the AMAU/ Emergency Department. There are a range of care pathways available to patients who do not need emergency care including Pharmacists, GP,  and Care Doc Out of Hours Services
“Within the AMAU & Emergency Departments patients will be prioritised based on their clinical complexity priority.  We therefore urge all patients where appropriate to consult with their GP prior to attending an Emergency Department. In an emergency situation, Emergency Departments continue to deal with all medical emergencies.
“Infection control measures continue throughout the hospital and all visitors are requested to wear a surgical mask and perform hand hygiene when visiting a relative.

“Hospital Management would like to thank the public for their support and understanding during this period.”

The facility had been treating some extra patients after the hospital fire in Wexford early last month but Dr Justin Kwong on The Way It Is last evening said he doesn’t think that the case now.

And he added that while the usual winter bugs have mostly died off, there’s still a lot of sickness circulating in the community.

Hear his conversation with our Sue Nunn in full here: